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Dogs are often times infected with worms. Most common are roundworms which usually infect puppies at a young age. Tapeworms can be a major problem if flea infestations are high. Although roundworms and tapeworms can be seen without a microscope other worms are not so easily diagnosed. Once in a while adult whipworms can be spotted in your dog's stool if the infestation has already caused weightloss or debilitation in the dog.

Early diagnosis is critical to keeping your pet healthy. Take a stool sample to your veterinarian for microsopic analysis if worms are suspected.

Worms can cause problems like diarrhea, weight loss, blood in the stool, general poor appearance, dry hair, and vomiting sometimes with the worms. Some infestations may not even show any symptoms. Some worm eggs and larvae can be present in the dog's system but only be activated during certain times such as during stress. Roundworms eggs and larvae can be activated in the late stages of pregnancy where they can activate and infect the puppies before they are even born!